Best Coffee Shops in Boston (No, Dunkin’ is not on this list)

Best Coffee Shops in Boston (No, Dunkin’ is not on this list)

Sitting in a coffee shop with a cappuccino or latte in my hand makes me feel like I have my life together – is that just me? If you’re ever in Boston, here are my top 5 suggestions for coffee shops that are just as cute as their coffee is delicious.

1. Caffe Vittoria: if you live in Boston and you haven’t heard of this place, you must be living under a rock. Best cappuccinos in Boston, bar none. The powdered chocolate they top it off with – to die forrrrrrr. I’ve only been here once, and I had three rounds of cappuccinos in that one visit. Caffe Vittoria is a tiny shop space, just the kind Boston’s North End is known for. And as a bonus, you get to wander around the beautiful North End and the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway after you caffeinate. Amazing start to any day in New England’s capital.



2. Pavement Coffee House: Pavement has several locations throughout Boston. I always frequented the location on Commonwealth Avenue while I was at Boston University; their cinnamon fig latte was my ritual good luck charm before every exam I had at BU, and I graduated with honors so that must mean something for their lattes, right? If you go here during the fall, get the cinnamon fig latte. I promise you it’ll be one of the best fall treats you ever have. For those who are tourists in Boston, I would suggest visiting them at their Newbury location in order to compliment the coffee with a picturesque stroll down Boston’s famous shopping street.



3. George Howell Coffee: GH is only for those who are true coffee lovers. Their black coffee will knock you back on your heels with its bitterness, but paired with a little milk it is perfect. Their espresso drinks are what I live for. They have three locations: the Godfrey Hotel in downtown Boston, a cafe in Newtonville outside of the city, and a cafe at the Boston Public Market. I work at the market, and I don’t think I’ve gone a single shift without their coffee yet. That may mean I have a problem, or it’s evidence for you that their coffee is amazing … probably a combination of both. Furthermore, their coffee is ethically sourced directly from the farmers and craftsmen. THE George Howell, the founder himself, may even visit the location while you’re there; his wife and daughter are also intimately involved in the business.



4. Barrington Coffee Roasting Co.: grab a crossword, a couple friends, and a latte at Barrington’s Newbury location – perfect weekend morning activity. If it’s a summer day, you can sit outside on Newbury St – the prime people-watching locale. Not much to say here, except good coffee and a content atmosphere. What more can you ask for?




5. Caffe Nero: As much as I love to frequent Nero, I had to place it last on this list simply because it’s not a Boston-only treat. But all the better for those of you who aren’t planning to get to Boston in the near future! My favorite location of Nero’s that I’ve been to so far is there Commonwealth Avenue location. I love the atmosphere in there, and it’s the perfect place to hunker down and work while sipping on Nero’s high quality caffeine. Even better, their staff is amazing, they have a loyalty card to work toward free coffees, and every new location gives out free coffee on their opening day.

Boston has been my home for the last four years, so I hope you have a great time exploring the city! I’m always happy to grab a cup with friends, so if you need someone to visit a new coffee shop with – just press that contact button!