3 Must-Visit Cafes in Chania, Crete!

3 Must-Visit Cafes in Chania, Crete!

As I discovered on my most recent trip to the Greek island of Crete, Chania is home to the CUTEST cafes in, dare I say, the world. I completely fell in love with the three cafes I’m listing below. I’ve never been more content than when I was sitting at these cafes with my favorite people drinking delicious coffee.

If you’re in Crete, I can’t recommend enough that you hunt down these adorable coffee stops and order a Cappuccino Freddo. Important note: ask for MEDIUM sugar. I promise you this is the best way to take it. My Greek friend, Mel, told me to ask for medium sugar…and I, in my “healthy” ways said no no I’ll just take sugar on the side… it’s still good, but opt for the MEDIUM sugar ya’ll. You won’t regret it!

In addition to being the CUTEST cafes on this island, I can tell you from drinking multiple cappuccino freddos a day while I was there that these three cafes are also home to the best cappuccinos I had. Now, let’s get to the list.

Plaka: I love this cafe so much. It’s right in the heart of Old Town Chania, but it’s apparently nonexistent on the interwebs (it’s called Plaka, written in Greek: Πλάκα). My friend and I happened to stumble upon it one day as we wandered downtown… a blessing from above that we didn’t think we’d be able to duplicate when we got home that night and realized we hadn’t written down the name or anything! Luckily, when we were strolling downtown a few days later with my mom, we were determined to share the cafe with her and stumbled upon it again! I’ll give you a clue: if you go down to the Old Venetian Port, and right before the water fountain turn right and follow the old ruins wall… it’s the most colorful cafe, so it should pop out at you. If it’s destiny, this cafe will bless you too.     


Bamboo: I decided not to prioritize or number any of these cafes because choosing between this one and the first one I listed would be like Sophie’s Choice.  They have such different vibes that it’d be like comparing apples and oranges. Fortunately for you all, I know the name of this one and it won’t be a scavenger hunt! It’s called Bamboo and you can find it as you drive along Chanion-Kissamou between Old Town Chania and the village of Kato Galatas.




Bamboo definitely has the best view of these three cafes. Sip your Cappuccino Freddos, feel the sea breeze on your face, and order a fresh fruit bowl with Greek honey! Also, now that I’ve already mentioned the honey. Make sure to leave extra room in your suitcase so you can bring back multiple jars of thyme honey and at least three bottles of locally-made olive oil.



Divino: About a ten minute drive from downtown Chania is the little village of Kato Galatas. This village lies right on the coast and the majority of its businesses and restaurants have beach-front properties. This cafe is right across from the beach, and was the first place that I got turned on to Cappuccino Freddos. While you’re there, indulge in their waffle sundaes! Bring friends to split with though, because finishing one of those on your own would be quite the feat.










These were my favorite cafes on my most recent trip to Crete (I go yearly), but Chania has one of the cutest downtown areas I’ve ever seen, with the cutest alleyways filled with eclectic and adorable shops and cafes – so make sure to hunt down some of your own too! If you find an amazing cafe that you think is as amazing or even more so than these, let me know in the comments!!